Peace of Mind

There are times when my mind is at peace, when the anxiety is kept at bay — when all is calm and clear. I walk without worry or distraction. During these moments, I often wonder: is this how someone without anxiety feels on a usual basis?

Ready or Not, Here I Come

Four years ago today, my son Henry came into the world. It was a rather spectacular entrance being that the attending nurse and doctor for my wife had just left and gone upstairs to eat lunch when my wife looked at me and said, “He’s coming.”

It Starts With the Breath

Whether you are sitting, standing, resting, or walking, the simple act of being aware of your breath can bring you into the present and carry with it great peace, alleviating immense weight and burden from your mind and body.

Gentle, Little Bird

Fragile, she lay in my arms, as my wife placed the medicine dropper to her mouth. Like nursing an injured little bird back to health, I thought. Against my chest, I could feel her compacted warmth against me. She wouldn’t take to my wife’s breast in the beginning, so this is how we fed her those first few weeks of life.