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In high school, my wife, as beautiful as she has always been to me, once battled the eating disorder anorexia nervosa. She almost died. I was but a bystander, occupying a chair next to where she was to sit if only she’d overcome the disease. I was helpless; and I was, in spite of her not knowing, hopelessly in love with her.

From “Do You Not Know How Beautiful You Are?” by Jeffrey Pillow

In elementary school, I had a bully named Harold. He tortured me and my friends every day on the playground at Phenix Elementary. Harold had the classic boys hairstyle from the 1980s: combed straight down like a kids doll you’d buy at a big box store. His haircut was like the protagonist in the film Problem Child, except instead of red hair, Harold’s hair was blonde.

From “Harold the Bully,” by Jeffrey Pillow

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This Is How I Know My Wife Is a Better Person Than I Am, and other stories

by Jeffrey Pillow
Author Photo, Jeffrey Pillow

I’m currently finishing up a nonfiction collection that will be released later this year. The title essay is based on a story I wrote that was boosted on Medium in early 2024: “This Is How I Know My Wife Is a Better Person Than I Am” and is one of the top read stories in the Buddhism category.

Coming Fall 2024

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