My name is Jeffrey Pillow. I write things you may like.

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Give me a muddy trail with roots jutting from the earth along the path, a mountain, and big trees so tall the eye can’t see the top, any day.

I’ll run it or hike it to the point of near exhaustion, saturated in sweat, only stopping to down a juice box and a handful of almonds and Brazil nuts along the way.

I believe life is about living. Comfort itself should be uncomfortable. Embrace the discomfort. Push through it. Observe it up close and from afar. Don’t mask it with entertainment. Don’t avoid it with substances. Examine it and listen to what it’s telling you. Then find your path or create one through the thickets if need be.

The writing on this blog is not meant to be persuasive. It’s observational in nature. Below are a few of my recent pieces. Enjoy.