This Is Me Being Uncomfortable: Seasonal Affective Disorder (Ep. 003)

Contemplating death and the fragility of life

A List of Things I Dislike Strongly Yet Would Still Prefer Do Than Wrap a Christmas Present

The Junk Drawer of My Childhood

This Great Big Scary Thing

The Last Leaf

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I Cry Myself to Sleep at Night Sometimes

I Was Not Mauled or My Face Eaten Off by a Territorial Bear

True Facts from the Small Town of Phenix, Virginia: The Aces

Down by the Water

But When You Give a Feast, Invite the Poor, the Crippled, the Lame, the Blind

Thoughts From My Grandmother’s Funeral; or, This is Not Sad, Depressing Commentary

Snapping Green Beans with Granny

The novel that wasn’t a novel

A pocket knife from my grandfather

A father’s letter to his children on Father’s Day

Fish Swim Forth and Stay

Hello, Anxiety. I Know You Are There

In response to Phenix Being Named to the 10 Small Towns In Virginia Where You’d Never Want To Live

One bacon, egg, and cheese bagel later

Letter to my Grandmother

Overcoming Anxiety: What is Anxiety?

3 Reasons We Were Meant to be Together

Overcoming Anxiety: Meet the Author

We None Truly Ever Die

Overcoming Anxiety: An Introduction

How to Make a Grown Man Cry

While On a Run, I Met a Man Who Had Lost 80 Percent of His Hip to Lymphoma. He Talked, I Listened

Lord, Help Me Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am

Two Simple Words

Hi, My Name is Jeff, and I Suffer from Anxiety

Do I Pack for My Dad’s Funeral?

Let It Wayne

Text Messages with Friends: The Longtime Friend

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May 21 Is My Dog’s Birthday, Not the Day My Dad Died

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I’ve been thinking about my own mortality a lot lately

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