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Mikey, the Ninja Turkey: A Thanksgiving Tale, As Told By My Five Year Old Son

Let’s switch gears to something more lighthearted with Thanksgiving just around the corner. In a kindergarten class project titled “I’m Not a Turkey,” I sat down with my son, Henry, earlier this week to write a story about a turkey vying for freedom, intent on escaping the knife so as not to become a meal on someone’s table this coming Thursday. The first part of the project involved disguising the turkey. The second part of the project involved writing a story about the disguise. Henry chose a ninja.

For your listening pleasure, as read by me (dad):

I Am Not a Turkey, by Henry Pillow

My name is Mikey. I am a ninja turkey. I am planning my great escape tonight under the cloak of darkness. My stealth is my friend. I’m not going to be someone’s sandwich this Thanksgiving.

Child's drawing of a turkey in disguise
Art. “Ninja Turkey,” by Henry Pillow

Notes: A few things here: (1) I tried to sway my son to start this off with, “Hi-yah! My name is Mikey,” as in “Hi” with a martial arts twist, but he wouldn’t go for it; and, (2) despite my protests to have my son name the turkey Mr. Miyagi or Daniel-son after the 1984 martial arts film, Karate Kid, my son chose Mikey, so named after Michelangelo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame. Mikey, still an excellent choice, as “ninja turkey” plays very well on “ninja turtle.” (3) Lastly, there wasn’t enough space on his sheet of paper to build out a full plot summary, to which the remainder of the plot would have been based on the 1963 World War II epic film The Great Escape, starring Steve McQueen and James Garner.

What’s your turkey tale? Share in the comments below.

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10 replies on “Mikey, the Ninja Turkey: A Thanksgiving Tale, As Told By My Five Year Old Son”

Was not expecting the gobble, gobble, gobble in the audio. I literally spit out my coffee when you did that. Great story Henry! Writer like your dad!

Glad you like my son’s story. The gobble gobble gobble sorta came out of nowhere for me, too, as I was recording it. My kids have been walking around the house the last few days repeating it.

Tell Henry Ghee said, “Good Job!” I Love the Gobble Gobble, his Turkey picture, and his sweet giggle!

This was adorable! Children really are great and come up with some of the most interesting things! I have shared this along on my twitter and my facebook. I hope this helps to get you out there! Have a wonderful day!

They really are. I wish I was half as creative as either of my kids. Having to adult day in and day out dulls your imagination. Also, thanks for sharing on social media and for stopping by.

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