Personal Musings

Easily Digestible Bits of My Brain on the Daily

I created a new section on my website called Random Thoughts. Here’s the link. It’ll live at the bottom of my website in the footer menu from here on out. It’s what it sounds like: a section of my website dedicated to random thoughts on various topics — with a humorous slant usually.

I would describe it as follows:


If a full-length essay on my blog is like a chapter in a book, consider this new section akin to handwriting what comes to mind on a paper napkin. Don’t mind the grease or bits of food.


It’s microblogging in its original form and a new way for me to write on my blog daily — or close to it — without inundating you with an email every time. I genuinely dislike that. You will receive zero emails about this section (save for this announcement). Only when I transform an idea into a standalone full length essay will you get an email.


If you’re on social media platforms like Twitter (X), Facebook, or Instagram, a way to think of this section is like a tweet, status update, or note — only it’s not. It’s a throwback. The reality is it’s how blogging used to be back in the late 90s when I got started. It’s returning to my roots a smidge.


It’ll be a fun diversion from the longer stuff. Easily digestible like knocking down 20g of protein in two minutes by drinking a Ripple as opposed to stuffing your gut to the max with a full-fledged chunk of baked chicken. Sure, I like writing long-form content. That’s my bread and butter. But I’m looking forward to this new section. I think most of you will like it, too. It’ll give you something quick to read while you wait for my next 2,000 word-plus essay. Haha.

That’s it. If you forget the link one day, just scroll to the footer and click on Random Thoughts and you’re golden.

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