Sunday Coffee

Sunday Coffee, Vol. 4

5 interesting things I’ve read, watched, and recommend from the Internet this week

Sunday Coffee is my way of sharing interesting finds on the interwebs each week. The Internet is a big place that has increasingly shrunk over time where social media dominates and search engines are more likely to offer up a generic, repurposed article from a large conglomerate-owned magazine than a fun, quirky blog with unique insights. Here’s to the depths, not the shallows.

Two friends hitchhike across America on $0. Through the kindness of strangers, they must secure food, shelter, and transportation each day. The first episode that came across my radar, Episode 5, is my favorite thus far.

Be Brief and Tell Them Everything: A Novel, by Brad Listi. I re-read Be Brief and Tell Them Everything this week as part of my own weekend challenge. It’s such a powerful book and unlike any book I’ve ever read for a number of reasons. Check it out.

Running anywhere is better than running nowhere; but trail running, for me, reigns supreme in every way compared to road running. Here are 10 surprising benefits of trail running.

“How we used to text” is my favorite.

Perhaps you recently saw a fear-mongering headline that there is a massive black hole now pointed at Earth. Here’s the subtitle: you’re not in any danger. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to This program is at no cost to you and keeps me from having to plaster pop-ups and banner ads on this site which is annoying as all get out and is, quite frankly, a terrible user experience. You know the sites that do that.

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The hitchhiking video looks very interesting. Call me a skeptic but something tells me they are going to be sleeping under a bridge at least a few nights.

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