Sunday Coffee

Sunday Coffee, Vol. 5

5 interesting things I’ve read, watched, and recommend from the Internet this week

Happy Easter! I hope your day is a good one spent in the company of the ones you love. Here are my five recommendations from the past seven days for this week’s edition of Sunday Coffee.

I watched ROCKY this week with my son. All ROCKY films are available for free on Amazon Prime right now. Immediately after The Italian Stallion went the distance with Apollo Creed, my son started pounding on our punching bag BOB all the while blasting the Rocky theme song. You know the one. I’ve considered doing a full blog post about our punching bag BOB. BOB doesn’t take any mess. He’s got a mean mug you can clock over and over — and like Rocky, you can’t drop him for the count. There’s one rule though: if you’re angry, you can’t hit BOB. If you’re angry, you meditate. You hit BOB when you need to get your willies out.

This beautiful rendition of the Pixies classic “Where Is My Mind,” as performed by Bandit.

There’s a little birdie outside my window I call Stephen King. I gave him this name because his song sounds like a tin whistle being played from a scene in a spooky movie (starts at 0:20 in video). For years I didn’t know which bird was making the sound, but I would hear it up in the trees and in the brush. The answer is the white throated sparrow. Enjoy.

Reading the news is the new smoking.

If life ever gets me down in any way, I find a video from The Dodo. Here’s one about a guy rescuing an injured squirrel and nursing it back to health. P.S. It’s a cute video but don’t take it upon yourself to handle wild animals. While I find squirrels adorable and severely underrated creatures, humans can do more harm than good when “helping” animals. Call your local wildlife rehabilitation center before you ever handle or interact with what you believe to be an abandoned animal — especially a fawn! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising revenues by advertising and linking to This program is at no cost to you and keeps me from having to plaster pop-ups and banner ads on this site which is annoying as all get out and, is quite frankly, a terrible user experience.

Photo by Nare Gevorgyan on Unsplash