The jumping spider and the tree

A free verse nature poem.

What an unusual tree,
The jumping spider observed.

And how on earth does it know
How to walk and talk?

This is not what trees do.

I think I’ll anchor my line here
And climb up for a closer look.

A strange tickle took the man by surprise; and so, he looked down at the round of his shoulder. The man saw a tiny creature staring at him. It moved in a robotic flicker.

It was a jumping spider; or so that’s what he always called them as a child. But do they jump, he wondered. He had never seen. And so he brought his chin down closer to his shoulder. The row of black eyes returned his stare.

The jumping spider
Upon further inspection
Can jump after all.

The man learned.

A very odd tree indeed, the jumping spider said.
I will rest in the canopy for now.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash