Do birds sing in Ukraine?

Beautiful crow (haiku)

Red-tailed hawk

Homemade pizza on a kerosene heater


The frog and the fish

Before it is lost

The birds are still asleep

South Boston Speedway, 1988


What the world sounds like when you wake at 5 a.m.

To hell and back with a cigarette break in between

Stowaway On a Cloud

Ants Like Cattle at a Trough

The Catbird

If I abruptly go silent while on a conference call at work

Tin Whistle

A Curious Wind

Robins in Winter

The secret to a long and happy marriage

William Carlos Williams was no poet

The holder of ropes

The proper recourse now

Today is a blank page

The jumping spider and the tree

Dear kids, stop calling my shorts “a bathing suit”

When my kids start talking to me about Minecraft

The birds and the bees

A poem of immense depth to my wife

An open letter to my suburban neighbors on the state of my sanity

Why God made tall people


I don’t smoke weed anymore

The coordination of crows

Dinner in spring

The last words of George Floyd

Instead of…


Raw Potatoes

Without Mud, There is No Lotus

Birds of One Feather

Sweet Potato Pancakes at 7 AM