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When you’re angry, pull weeds

Wisdom from my father-in-law

A few weeks ago, my wife set-up a Zoom meeting with her family back home. I wasn’t so much involved in the conversation, but I did hear a little as I passed through the kitchen. Something my father-in-law said stayed with me. It was simple yet wise:

When you’re stressed, pull weeds.
When you’re angry, pull weeds.

It was very zen.

Since it’s spring and the weeds are aplenty, I decided to give it a try. When done with mindfulness, pulling weeds is quite calming. I don’t see it as a chore or headache at all.

Pulling weeds is one of my go-to activities now along with sweeping. Give it a try next time you’re stressed or angry. Or, just pull weeds when you feel perfectly fine. Right after the rain is best.

Photo by Evgeniy Kletsov on Unsplash

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