Instead of…

Today, instead of sitting in your home
Staring into the warm glow of your phone,
Lay on your back outside and let the orange glow
of the sun warm your body.

Instead of Facebook, read a book — any book.

Instead of tweets on Twitter,
Listen to the the tweets of birds in your yard —
The cardinals, the chickadees, even the crows.

Instead of a soft drink,
Or a beer,
Brew a hot mug of tea
Or drink a cool glass of water.

Instead of saying something negative
Or cynical
Or versed in anger,
Consider not speaking at all for the moment.

Instead of letting your kids sit inside
And play video games or fiddle with apps on screens,
Turn off wifi, open the screen door,
And go for a walk in nature,
Or even a bike ride.

Instead of Netflix and chill, just chill.
Do nothing. Empty your mind.
Let it wander to the spaces in between.

Instead of letting today pass you by, embrace the day.
Every minute.
Every hour.

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