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Simpler Times

Living life at a slower, more deliberate pace.

But there was something else, something familiar. As I walked my dog down a quiet, nearly empty street, I realized that this is how life used to be for me: quieter, simpler.

Dan Erickson, A Forced Trip Back to Simpler Times

Take a few minutes to read Dan Erickson’s blog post A Forced Trip Back to Simpler Times. In ways, I could see many of us having written this in a diary or journal at the start of the social distancing effort. Erickson’s words often strike a chord with me. And, this post is no different.

It harkens back to the lyrics of New Jersey’s finest punk rock quartet the Bouncing Souls:

I want to be a simple man with a little peace of mind
Live a simple life in a place that’s kind

Is the rat race again near? Or, is our new normal simpler, slower, and more deliberate? Time will tell.

Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

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