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Just Be

Being does not mean doing. It does not mean not doing. Just be.

WHEN YOU walk, just walk. Leave your worries behind. Feel the ground beneath your feet. The birdsongs you have long since heard, allow their melody entrance. Look to the blue sky above you, the passing clouds, and find comfort. Be mindful with every step.

When you wash dishes, wash dishes. This is enough unto itself. Be mindful with every breath, every inhalation of air into your being. When you bathe, do not think of future or past distress. Present is with the steam, the water, the soap.

Pause throughout the day and experience your breath. How is the rhythm? Breathe in as you would normally. Breathe out. Notice your breath. Do this for one minute. Breathe in calm, breathe out all your worries. This is good.

When someone talks to you, shares with you words from their heart and mind, inviting you into a conversation, listen. Let your ears meditate only on their words. Do not let thoughts race within you during this time. Do not not-listen and think of what you will say when the person opposite you finishes speaking. Listen with attention. Listening takes great strength. True listening is love.

Being does not mean doing. It does not mean not doing. Just be. This is enough.

Photo: coniferconifer. “Bluerock thrush.” Licensed under CC-BY-2.0

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