I Don’t Want To Be a Writer Anymore: Part III

I Want To Be a Novelist

Friday marked Day 7 in my 90 day novel writing journey. While I do not technically begin writing my novel until Day 29, I have managed — at this stage: seven days — to have written over 30 pages longhand on an over-sized yellow legal pad, exploring the world of my story, its characters, plot points, and images. Right now, I am playing on the paper and what an invigorating feeling it is. At the start of Week 5, the outlining and snowflaking will all be put to work with the start of Act 1, Scene 1.

It feels wonderful to write like this again. To put pen to paper in this way is something I have not done since I was studying at the University of Virginia and had no obligations save for studying hard, reading books, and writing papers.

There is no need to sugar coat it: the plain truth is, over these last few years I have not written much at all — not creatively, not in any way. I am glad to be back in the saddle. No longer do I think or talk about writing a novel (to myself or to my wife), I am doing so. It may turn out to be the worst novel ever written in the history of English language and literature but I will write it and I will finish writing it — down to The End.

My Writing Workshop, Quite Literally
My Writing Workshop, Quite Literally
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One reply on “I Don’t Want To Be a Writer Anymore: Part III”

I just had a thought reading this piece of your ‘I don’t want to be a writer’ – series.

I found myself, just now, sitting at work reading about your life and REALLY enjoying it!

I think I mentioned it in my first comment on your blog over a year ago (I just found it again), that I read all of these specific blog posts on blogs about SEO, creating a business from my blog and bla bla, but I hardly ever, if at all, find a blog with someone who just writes about where he/she is right now, and that feels genuine!

And I just found myself enjoying these blog posts of yours now, at work (I work in sessions) for almost the first time when it comes to reading other people’s blogs. Thank you, and that made me realise that perhaps that is what I can give to other people reading my blog too? In my unique way?

Even though it feels scary, exposing, and like I am a total fool every time I write about my life and what I’m doing right now.

I might just be a fool, but I’ll give it another try. Can’t seen to let it go anyway, just got to get it right for ME.

Well thank you for having these pretty commentary fields (with a beautiful font) where I take the liberty to think out loud, hehe.

Best Regards, Joerund

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