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How to Enable Enhanced Rich Text Editor in SharePoint Announcements

As part of my day-to-day job responsibilities, I govern our company’s internal portals, which I recently migrated to SharePoint 2007. Although the standard rich text editor is enabled in the Announcements web part[ref]This applies to Sharepoint 2007. Whether this information is applicable to other versions of SharePoint, I cannot ascertain.[/ref], there are limitations abound, namely the ability to hyperlink text as well as insert images.[ref]Depending on how your SharePoint site is set up, your default may already be the enhanced rich text editor in which case, consider yourself lucky (or unlucky if you like to figure things out on your own). No configuring for you.[/ref]

By nature, I love to troubleshoot and figure out how to get wheels turning that otherwise don’t want to turn. After a little fiddling and digging, I determined the location for adjusting the Announcements webpart to configure the enhanced rich text editor, which is a more advanced (and useful) version of the standard rich text editor.

Due to the confidentiality of information used by my company, you’ll have to excuse that I cannot include any screenshots.

To configure the enhanced rich text editor:

  • Select “View All Site Content” above left-hand navigation
  • Under Lists, select “Announcements”
  • On toolbar, select SettingsĀ Ā» List Settings
  • Under Columns, select “Body”
  • Under Additional Column Settings, you will see three options:
    • Plain text
    • Rich text (Bold, italics, text alignment)
    • Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks)
  • Select “Enhanced rich text”
  • Click OK

Happy SharePointing.

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