Colored Sketch of My Daughter Annabelle

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The Adventures of Fatherman

Over the last three weeks, I have had an abundant and overwhelming burst of creativity in writing as well as drawing. Ever since my daughter was born (she’s 10 months now), I have wanted to get in a good sketch of her. Today, I did just that. I touched off the sketch by throwing it into Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create a nice full-color vector. While this isn’t a vector (it’s a JPEG) and though it looks a lot different on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop (inferior graphics card) as compared to my work computer, a Lenovo Thinkpad desktop, it still makes me smile. I think it turned out well and I love the colors.

The Author

Jeffrey Pillow is a wannabe novelist of social satire and literary fiction. While changing poopy diapers and trying to convince his two year old daughter to brush her back teeth, he often ponders the three act structure and the construction of the perfect inciting incident. His nonfiction has appeared on the cover of URGE magazine, 16 Blocks,, The Nervous Breakdown, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports, and et al. Read the full bio...


  1. Smitty says

    Dude, not only is that awesome, it looks just like her. I wondered if you still drew anymore.

    • Thanks. I’ve wanted to do this ever since she was born. Funny thing. Growing up, you knew me. I drew all the time. All the time. Like most people, the older I got, the less I drew — particularly as the adult years came into be. But lately, that creative spark has returned, and not just with drawing. With writing. Heck, even playing music. Honestly, having a daughter, being a father, has given me this whole new outlook on the world. I have such a different perspective on things. Sometimes I feel like I can see through the eyes of a child again. I really feel this drawing shows that. Just with the colors. If that makes sense.

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