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There Are No Perfect Words. There Is No Perfect Circle

Finding the perfect word or metaphor is a futile act. It’s best to get it down. Dump the clay onto the table and start molding. You can come back later. Take your stone and chip away. Fling your paint onto the canvas. Sharpen your pencil and draw your sketch. Continue onward until the lead is dull. Don’t forget to tear off the eraser before you start.

It’s not until years later kids start judging their work harshly. It has everything to do with adult intervention at a certain point: pointing out the ‘faults,’ this is good, this is bad. This is the correct way. This isn’t. Is it though? When a child is young, they don’t set out to make a masterpiece when they pick up a crayon or paintbrush. They just let loose.

That’s how all acts of creativity should begin and end, regardless of age. No goal in mind. No ambition. No judgment. The work and the work alone. The imagination of it all. If you struggle with this, revert to a childlike state. There is no backspace button. Pluck it off your keyboard and throw it in the trash.

There are no perfect words. There is no perfect song. There is no perfect circle. It’s the imperfections that make it worthwhile. The wabi sabi of creativity.

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