Personal Musings

The World Is Not on Fire

The media, including social media, wants you to believe the world is going to hell. It’s not

I refuse to believe the world is on fire. No matter what the talking heads or the mass media or some random person on the Internet wants us all to believe, I believe in the goodness of humanity at the end of the day. Like an episode of MacGyver or Burn Notice, I think the good guys will come out on top.

I Don’t Watch or Read the News

I don’t watch or read the news. I haven’t for a long time. It’s bad for your health. The big things still find you. And when it finds you, it screams the world is going to hell in a hand basket. But then I walk outside and I hear birds. I see blue sky. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

If your actual reality looks vastly different than the virtual reality you are inundated with on television or the Internet, take it as a hint.

The news is great at one thing: making you think whatever bad is happening somewhere in the world is happening in your own backyard — or it’s headed your way soon, so buckle up.

But it usually isn’t. It’s all part of an elaborate con game between politicians and the Fourth Estate. The joke is on you as they cash in their chips only to roll the dice yet again on the latest controversy or hot button topic. They are making money off our division and it’s quite the enterprise they’ve got going on.

Life Isn’t a TV Show. It’s Not a Sporting Event Either

Tell me life is not like a television show. I’m aware. But life isn’t a sporting event either where you have to pick a team and never waver from your side.

A few days ago, I wrote I Don’t Care What Political Beliefs My Friends Have. It’s interesting to see how low the traffic is on this particular essay compared to my other pieces. It’s like people are scared to open it out of fear I’m challenging or ridiculing their political beliefs or, gasp, that I used the word “politics.” My intent is the opposite.

I wrote that piece because I really don’t care what political beliefs my friends or family have. As long as you’re a good human being who cares about others and not yourself alone, we’re good. That’s who I associate with.

Not believing in the same things as someone else doesn’t mean you have to shed them from your life. Do you really want to be around only the people you agree with? Is life meant to be lived inside an impenetrable bubble like The Truman Show or an echo chamber bouncing off likeminded ideas end-to-end and anything that goes against this is perceived as a threat?

If that’s what we’ve come to, you may very well believe the world is on fire. But I’m here to tell you: it’s not.

Walk outside and you’ll see what I mean.

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