Sunday Coffee

Sunday Coffee, Vol. 2

SUNDAY COFFEE is a new feature on my blog in which I share five interesting things I’ve read, watched, or would recommend from the web in the past seven days. Grab a cup of joe and enjoy 🙂

A Mile an Hour. Beau Miles runs a marathon, but this marathon is a smidge different than your typical marathon. Beau, a peculiar fellow, runs one mile, every hour; and after each mile, he does an odd job around the house. For example: plant a tree, build a table, and so on. It inspired me enough to attempt it myself. Unfortunately, my knees gave out on me after eight hours (eight miles). I did manage to wash all the dishes, do the laundry, sow grass seed, and organize my office in the process.

Why I’m raising my kids like it’s the 1990s. There is so much to love about this essay.

I’m bummed to discover this blog, Drawn the Road Again, only to realize it hasn’t been updated in more than two years. The good news is there’s plenty of old posts archived.

Eat Food That You Enjoy. Trail Runner Magazine. I have a similar belief system when it comes to food and exercise as David Roche. I call it strategic eating. We all hear about how bad this or that is for our bodies: salt (bad), sugar (bad), fat (bad). And sure, if you sit around, day in and day out, and don’t do much of anything physically exhausting that causes you to sweat profusely, yeah, you probably shouldn’t be eating potato chips, ice cream, and Sweet Tarts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, if you consistently put in the work and sweat that comes with it, all that “bad stuff” is little more than fuel your body taps into and burns off. You know what my body craves at the top of a mountain? Salt and pepper potato chips, and that’s why they are in my pack.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Brendan Leonard’s collection of running essays Have Fun Out There… or Not. I haven’t read a book this fast since I don’t know when. It’s $3.99 right now on Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? There’s an app for that (free).

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