Sunday Coffee

Sunday Coffee, Vol. 1

SUNDAY COFFEE is a new feature on my blog in which I share five interesting things I’ve read, watched, or recommend from the web in the past seven days. Social media has made the web an increasingly smaller place, but that was against its initial purpose: you weren’t supposed to hang out at one or two urls endlessly scrolling while those same sites track your activity across the Internet. You were meant to explore. Here’s to exploration and new perspectives.

The best social media alternative is old school blogging. David Nield of Popular Science writes that social media is dead.

Mystical Cloud Forests. My favorite YouTuber, Ryan Van Duzer, continues his bikepacking adventure across Oaxaca, Mexico, with John and Mira (the bike riding adventure dog).

The Internet is broken and the man who invented the world wide web wants to fix it.

Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad uses his Strava app for running… and poetry?

Wacom tablet. Do you have a laptop and a budding young artist in your family? Consider a Wacom tablet. It’s one of the funnest purchases I’ve ever made. The creativity is endless. P.S. There are numerous sketching apps out there. I personally use Sketchbook Pro.

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