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A zen apprentice walks into a bar

Zen humor

I wrote a joke today. Here goes:

A zen apprentice walks into a bar. The zen master says to his apprentice, “Be mindful of the path you walk.” The zen apprentice smiles to his master and rubs his forehead.

Get it? Anyway, I’m still blogging daily. Pick up where you left off or start reading anew here. And, if you’re not reading Brad Listi’s daily blog notes from the fall, make it happen cap’n. Brad is the author of the novel Attention.Deficit.Disorder. and host of the literary podcast otherppl. Excerpt from Day 1:

This is a strange and perilous time and seems worth documenting—my basic rationale. Also, I just finished writing a novel and want to work on something else and don’t feel like I’ll be able to focus on anything other than the election for the next few months. This isn’t to say that I’ll only write about politics in these pages—I’ll be all over the place—but the election will be the backdrop.

Brad Listi, notes from the fall: introduction

He’s up to Day 31. Full disclosure: Brad’s my favorite living writer, so I’m a little bias. As I told my wife, Brad (which is the name of a pretentious asshole except this Brad is not) is an older, wiser, more ambitious version of myself with better follow-through.

notes from the fall is up to 78,000 words at this point and headed towards a book. If he doesn’t turn this into a book, I’m going to copy and paste the whole motherlover into a Word document and print and staple it at home.

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