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My wife needs to create her own mandala coloring book

She is freakishly artistic and doesn’t know it.

The above artwork you see. My wife drew that. By hand. With a Sharpie. It’s called a mandala. She hadn’t drawn one of these in two years. So yesterday she breaks out a sketchbook and marker and just randomly draws one in an hour.

I told her she needs to create her own mandala coloring book. Or, put her drawings on a fabric or canvas others could hand color. Then, we set up a shop for her and sell it on Etsy or Amazon.

It may be our only chance to strike it rich and buy that getaway off-grid tiny house in the mountains with solar panels we’re always daydreaming of after watching episodes of Living Big in a Tiny House on YouTube.

If you agree with me that my wife needs to create her own mandala coloring book because you’d totally buy that bad boy, share this on social media.

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By Jeffrey Pillow

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