Personal Musings

When Was the Last Time You Looked Up?

“Do we need to make a special effort to see the beauty of the blue sky?” Thich Nhat Hanh

In a season such as fall, we are aware of the changing color of the leaves. Some take special road trips just for the occasion to a parkway or the mountains to wrap themselves in the beauty of the changing colors of

to red
to orange
and yellow.

Save for this season which serves as a reminder or perhaps a vacation in the sand during summer, when was the last time you looked up into the sky

during the day,
at night when the stars present themselves?

Inside man-made structures such as our homes, office buildings, and behind desks, it’s easy to forget to look up.

We’re so busy, after all.
Not enough time in the day.
No reminder from a heavenly artist splashing her canvas with a palette of colors.

It’s easy to bask under artificial lights and forget the sun. To usher our children from sleep to school to practice to the dinner table to bed.

Forgetting all the while to look up.

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