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Text Messages with Friends: Power ballads, Foster’s beer, and pick-up lines

Group text messages I sent today to five of my childhood friends who were all members and/or affiliated with Anti-Lou (i.e. roadie) in their youth

We should start a 1980’s/90’s power ballad cover band named PheniXXX that travels the continental U.S. playing area roller skating rinks (eg. AJ Skate World). We could open all shows with “Don’t Treat Me Bad,” by Firehouse. Just a thought. Great song.

Also, anyone remember that night at Sara Bader’s on the front porch when Jeff Connor met the Australian girl and he said, “I drink Fosters,” then laughed and said, “You know, Foster’s: Australian for beer,” and the Australian girl responded with, “Foster’s is Australian for shit.” Good times. No idea where that came from. I think it’s because I just listened to the song “Down Under,” by Men at Work.

When you get home from work today, approach your significant other and ask to borrow her phone. Then tell her you need to call Animal Control. When she asks why, tell her you just saw a fox, then briefly stare into her eyes for 1-2 seconds.

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Text message I sent my friend Rick Williams at 4:00 PM last Thursday in the midst of a very stressful week at work

“It’s My Life,” by Bon Jovi was super cheesy when it was released in 2000 and we were like 17-18 years old. Now, it’s a powerful reminder of fleeting time which pumps me up and keeps me going until Friday at 5 PM. It’s now or never, Rick. We ain’t gonna live forever.

Text messages I sent my wife at 8:00 PM last night while our kids watched The Sandlot

That guy is fast…

Think I should show this kangaroo video to the kids before bed?

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