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3 Reasons We Were Meant to be Together

Who is the love of your life and why are you meant to be together?

In a card my wife handed me this morning on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be her birthday, she listed the TOP 10 REASONS WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. She wrote a heartfelt note as well, which I won’t divulge because it’s personal, other than to say my wife may write the most sincere notes in the history of mankind. Of the 10 reasons she listed, I wanted to share three.

We dislike country music

I opened the Spotify app yesterday and put on the Frozen soundtrack for my kids because they were both acting like raging lunatics for no apparent reason at all, and I wanted them to calm down. There are only so many times I allow my two year old son to headbutt me in the shin before something involving Disney intervenes. After the Frozen soundtrack completed, a country rendition of “Let It Go” by Rascal Flatts and Lucy Hale started to play. No sooner than the twang came from the voice of the singer did my wife say, “Is that country? Please turn it off. Hurry!”

This made me love my wife even more than I already did, which I didn’t know was possible.

Did someone just say punk rock till I die?

We LOVE books and reading them

When prompted, have you ever told someone you don’t watch television or, gasp, sports, except occasionally. Have you ever watched the look of shock sweep over their face, watched their eyes twitch in distress, trying to fathom the statement you just made? You’d think you just told them you have three dead bodies—and one which may still be alive—buried in your backyard, but, eh, don’t tell anyone. That’s how we roll in my house. Not dead bodies buried in the backyard. The lack of television consumption. We replace television programs with chapters in books.

I’m not allergic to television or cable¹, nor do I judge anyone who wants to spend their time that way; it’s just not how we spend our time on a daily basis. We created a reading nook recently in our downstairs living room with natural lighting. It sums up who we are fairly concisely. Reading is important. Learning is important. We sit together daily and read quietly side by side, then we discuss our books with one another because we are truly interested in what each other has to say.

Matching, posed family pics are not our thing

Golden sand dunes. Gentle waves with white tips, crashing. Beach grass gently waving. The backdrop of a blue sky on a perfect day. A family dressed in all-white from head to toe, smiling. Totally not happening with the Pillow family. Our family photos look more like this:

typical family photo
Hold still Henry or I’m going to have to get the duct tape

Other than the whole loving each other part, who is the love of your life and why are you meant to be together?

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¹ My wife and I recently binged on the entire How I Met Your Mother series on Prime and I am still trying to find a way to fill the hole in my heart now that it is over. Happy for Ted even though I’m not quite sure how I feel about that ending. I used to be Ted, the hopeless romantic

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Ha. Well, truth be told, that was really the reason I wrote this… to mention How I Met Your Mother. In all seriousness though, I’m not sure we will ever find another show quite like it. We watched all nine seasons in roughly a six month span. We grew entirely too attached. We gave up looking for a worthy second place roughly two weeks after we watched the final, tear worthy episode.

It is so funny to think about. Your dad loved Nascar, Football and I pretend to since he did…I loved to cook..he loved to eat mostly everything I ever cooked/baked.! I will say we really enjoyed walking together and grocery shopping. We both loved country music. I enjoyed trying to dance..he hated dancing! I love to chat, but your dad was quiet until you got to know him. I could make a stop sign talk!

Our 1st date was Valentine’s many years ago!
We were the opposites attract kind of couple mostly!

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