Tweets I would tweet if I still had a Twitter account: #2

I don’t have a Twitter account anymore, but if I did I would inundate your feed with tweets like this (Week of March 16)

Randomly asks co-workers: “Have you tried new Keurig flavor Buttercream Dream?” Then immediately answers own question: “Too die for.”

Told daughter peas were made of bacon and it worked. Told myself same thing and was disappointed.

Internet search at 16: “Rancid, punk rock bass tabs.” Internet search at 32: “natural cure for hemorrhoids.”

Wonders if Fabio still has long hair

(1/4)Daughter said she wanted to go to work too: I responded frantically and wild eyed, sweating profusely: “Never work for Corporate America, honey.¬†(2/4)They will eat you alive and spit you out and move on to the next guy and make him feel like he has to work even on his day off too. It’s terrible.¬†(3/4)Terrible I tell you.” Thinking perhaps I may have overdone it when daughter began to console me as I sobbed and whimpered uncontrollably¬†(4/4)while laying in fetal position on rug at front door.

Couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter and was right

Once collected Gulf War trading cards

Really liked Freddy Kruegers’s sweater

Used to drink King Cobra and Hurricane and MD 20/20 like it won’t nobody’s business (pronounced bih-niss) . . . when I was 15

Just don’t mix with alcohol and valium. That’s what happened to Whitney.

Unable to find setting on iPhone that changes autocorrect option to “improper English”

Just did Wikipedia search for”Michael Landes.” Disappointed in return result. Meant to search for “Michael Landon”

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2 replies on “Tweets I would tweet if I still had a Twitter account: #2”

Nice piece, Jeffrey… I have been at this crossroads several times.. I am now almost 67 and I was just thinking the other day.. I need to get back into running.. I went to the doctor and he wants me to have this test and that test.. and I was thinking all the time.. get my shoes out.. a water bottle and start off slow.. stop eating the bad stuff, (I have done it before successfully) and move my feet that have been parked under my arse..
Congrats on your success and here’s to you for continued good health and to getting your books published.. Randy

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