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David Robinson Spotted at 3:23

Former San Antonio Spurs great David Robinson has been spotted getting his dance on (3:23). The retro 80s box top cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s but The Admiral’s. Robinson finished his career with averages of 21.1 ppg, 3.1 bpg, and 11.0 rpg. Accolades include:

  • 1986-87 Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year
  • 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship
  • 1989-90 NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 1991-92 NBA Defensive Player of the Year
  • The Hakeem Olajuwon 1994-95 NBA MVP


By Jeffrey Pillow

Jeffrey Pillow is an American short story writer, memoirist, and poet. He is the author of The Lady Next Door. His writing has been published in Urge Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, 16 Blocks, USA Today, Sports Illustrated,, New York Times, Washington Post, and Richmond Times-Dispatch.

He grew up in the small town of Phenix, Virginia, population: 200, and now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, two kids, and a dog named Mozzarella Cheese. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he was a Rainey Scholar. This is his blog.

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