3 Reasons We Were Meant to be Together

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons We Were Meant to be Together”

    1. Ha. Well, truth be told, that was really the reason I wrote this… to mention How I Met Your Mother. In all seriousness though, I’m not sure we will ever find another show quite like it. We watched all nine seasons in roughly a six month span. We grew entirely too attached. We gave up looking for a worthy second place roughly two weeks after we watched the final, tear worthy episode.

  1. It is so funny to think about. Your dad loved Nascar, Football and I pretend to since he did…I loved to cook..he loved to eat mostly everything I ever cooked/baked.! I will say we really enjoyed walking together and grocery shopping. We both loved country music. I enjoyed trying to dance..he hated dancing! I love to chat, but your dad was quiet until you got to know him. I could make a stop sign talk!

    Our 1st date was Valentine’s many years ago!
    We were the opposites attract kind of couple mostly!

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