Two Simple Words

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  1. Just read this latest post, Jeff. It was really well written and you as always were very transparent in sharing what is really going on inside you.

    I am not sure if you are aware, but pharmacy has been described and documented by gallop poll stamps of authenticity as being the most stressful of all professions. Since Rx school, I have buried 4 colleagues from my midst and of course my dentist (the second most stressful group) Chuck Patteson from Keysville. The most difficult one was Joan Davis from Brookneal, who not only worked for me at Charlotte Pharmacy, but was a dear dear friend, of the results of post-partum depression. Her depression and her subsequent death, made me take a whole new look both professionally and personally at people with depression and it caused me to have an understanding that I had never had before.

    I am so glad that you are writing your feelings and sharing with others. You may never know the person whose life you may have saved.

    I am so proud of you and every time I think of you, I think of your dad at my drugstore in Charlotte Court House. There had been an incident in Phenix involving you and he and I had a long conversation about it and about our children and about our neighbors. I can still see the smile on his face and the pride he had whenever he spoke of you and your sister.

    Oh, and btw.. I have had a book in my head for many years. I seem to have a problem sitting down and typing the first line. Wanna be my ghost writer?


    1. I can see pharmacy being a highly stressful jobs. Definitely an attention to detail type of job among other things. My condolences to you regarding your friends in the profession. As for Chuck, he was my dentist too. I remember when that happened. Very sad. My mom was once a dental assistant, and if my memory serves me correctly, she worked under Chuck.

      Postpartum depression is a very real thing. Identifying and finding support and help is something we really push in my profession. There’s Baby Blues, which most women go through after giving birth, and then there’s something far more devastating as the body undergoes further hormonal and emotional changes that come along with giving birth. I am sorry to hear about your friend Joan.

      Thanks for sharing the story about my dad. I would say I know what incident you are referencing, but I somehow found myself in numerous incidents when I was younger. Pretty sure the cops had a spare room at my house when I was 15 and 16 years old.

      As for the book, you’ve got it in you. You’re a smart guy. Don’t think about the big picture. Don’t edit. Just write. I’d say yes to your ghostwriting request, but I’ve got a few in my head I want to get down first. I’ve written a full length (though short) book, a novella, an outline to two more novels, and about 65 short stories over the years. None have seen the light of the day except the first one and a short story I have available on Amazon. I’m still practicing.

  2. As always, I am so glad for your thoughts to be shared on paper or technology….it’s therapeutic for the writer and reader.

    Keep writing son!


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