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Bacon Hollow Overlook

If you look back at your photos from 2022, what photos stand out, and of the bunch, what’s your favorite?

If you look back at all the photos you took from the past year, what photos stand out? Do you have a personal favorite?

For me, it’s an image from June 15 of Bacon Hollow Overlook. Located at Milepost 69 on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park, Bacon Hollow Overlook stands at 2,455 feet of elevation.

The background looks as if the mountains were painted on. I couldn’t help but snap a broad photo as my wife and kids sat on the stonework barrier overlooking the Piedmont and Flattop.

We hiked this day, one of more than two dozen we did as a family in Shenandoah National Park in 2022. This particular trek was to Doyle River Falls, a 3.4 mile moderate out-and-back with an elevation gain of 1,181 feet. As the name suggests, you’ll see a waterfall. They sound as beautiful as they look — peaceful and serene.

Doyle River Falls, June 2022

What’s your favorite photo from the past year? My honorable mentions all include peaks and valleys, mountains and waterfalls. I’m still one of those big kids that answered “mountains” in elementary school when asked “beach or mountains.”

If you’re looking for some good hikes in Virginia for 2023, check out Erin Gifford’s “23 Bucket List Hikes in Virginia for 2023.” Erin’s website is an essential resource for my family’s adventures when hitting the trails. P.S. She has a new book too: Hiking with Kids.

Blessings to you in the new year.