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A young child asks a zen monk how to take care of her anger when she is mad

A young child asks a zen monk,
Thich Nhat Hanh, when I am angry
how do I let my anger out?

The zen monk responds:
do you think your anger has come
from the outside in, and now you want
to let it back out again?

Are you sure the anger is
coming from the outside?
That is a counter question.

Watch the full video below:

By Jeffrey Pillow

Jeffrey Pillow is an American short story writer, memoirist, and poet. He is the author of The Lady Next Door. His writing has been published in Urge Magazine, The Nervous Breakdown, 16 Blocks, USA Today, Sports Illustrated,, New York Times, Washington Post, and Richmond Times-Dispatch.

He grew up in the small town of Phenix, Virginia, population: 200, and now lives in Charlottesville with his wife, two kids, and a dog named Mozzarella Cheese. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he was a Rainey Scholar. This is his blog.