One Sentence at a Time

A small black bird flew directly toward my window and settled on the ledge. Which, I suppose, is a testament to how quickly things can change. I still haven’t caught my breath. On the bus, I was so captivated by an article on “How To Make Your Relationship Better” that I missed the stop right by my girlfriend’s apartment and the stop after that and the stop after that.

Steven Arcieri, Decade: January 2020

A mind collage. Every single day for ten years.

For the next ten years, Steven Arcieri is writing one sentence a day for an experimental memoir titled Decade. The project is being published month by month at The Nervous Breakdown.

To follow the monthly installments, visit Steven Arcieri’s author page. To read the first four months of the project, visit:

The concept is simple yet wholly unique. Consider the stark difference in perspective from January 2020 to March 2020. Pre-global pandemic to full on pandemic. Now imagine your own life: now vs. ten years ago.

Arcieri’s brainchild project is customary of The Nervous Breakdown, still home to some of the most unique voices and writers on the Internet. And, Balloon Boy.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash