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Andrew W.K. vs. COVID-19

I hereby declare “Party Hard” by Andrew W.K. the world anthem once the global health pandemic is over. It will be cause for a party. And, that party should be partied hard.

Until then, only party with your immediate family members in your household under the same roof.

Take this virus seriously. Just because you don’t live in a city doesn’t mean it’s not coming soon enough. Imagine if New York City was your town. Now think about how unprepared your town and health care system would be if this thing hits your area like a wildfire. Because that’s what COVID-19 is: a viral wildfire. To see what took place at Canterbury in Henrico County in the past twenty-four hours should sober every skeptic in Virginia.

My guess is most rural areas in the country won’t get a real taste of this until the fall when we’ve all let our guard down. That’s a scary thought of a virus that may be seen by many as something distant at the moment and not something they see happening in their own town. And where I grew up, Charlotte County, couldn’t handle this. A handful of doctors. No hospitals within 40 minutes. Ranked 110th least healthy in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If it spread there, it would be devastating.

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I’ve ordered $350.00 in groceries online for pickup on Tuesday of next week! I made that order this past Sunday and the soonest I could pickup (pop trunk up) is Tuesday, April 7th which is why I HAD to make such a huge order!
I ordered Buster’s dogfood from

I’ve even structured a mask out of a cloth baby diaper and 2 rubber bands (thankfully I kept my large rubber bands that I’ve had for months from bunches of broccoli.) Who would have ever thought a cloth diaper and 2 rubber bands could be used that way…my G.E.R.D. meds refill comes due on the 9th at Kroger Pharmacy! Thatd the one thing that cannot be ordered online/by phone with credit card! I don’t want to been in pain or have throat cancer from fear causing me to not getting my prescription filled. It’s going to be the fastest in and out ever! If I didn’t suffer so badly from G.E.R.D., I would just forget it!

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