The accidental book

I wrote a book, by accident

Without my realizing it, I wrote a book. By accident. Total fluke. I’ve been writing it the last few years. Entirely unaware. It’s not the book I’ve mentioned on this blog a hundred times over either. Nope, not that one. I wish it was. It’s not.

It’s a three part book. A collection. It’ll be titled Life, Death, and Everything In Between. You may recognize that name as the historical tagline for this blog. It’s weird how things play out. I’m suffering through one book (perhaps because I’m so hyper-aware of it) and writing another unknowingly and painlessly in the process.

The book will go on sale in spring 2020. Print and digital. If you like the smell of a paperback and how a traditional book feels in your hands, you’re in luck. If you’re a devoted e-book reader, you’re covered, too.

Marketing. Street team. Book launch. Giveaways and chances to win Amazon gift cards. That will all be going down. Even bookmarks. I’m excited. More on that to come. Right now, it’s edits and revisions. Then, more edits and revisions.

Seeing this all come together is an odd feeling. It’s like the clay pottery making scene in Ghost when Sam sits behind Molly and “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers starts playing. Or, something like that.