2013 NBA Playoffs: Separated at Birth

omer asik judge reinhold doppelganger
If the NBA doesn’t pan out, Omer, there’s always All-American Burger

Whoever put together this list at did one heck of a job. Now I can lay to rest the head scratching question of who Omer Asik (C – Rockets) has reminded me of this entire 2012-13 NBA season: Judge Reinhold (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop). Other doppelgängers include:

  • Method Man
  • Farmer from “American Gothic”
  • James Franco
  • The older brother whose name I can’t remember from Family Matters
  • Balki Bartokomous
  • and more…

I once wrote a similar article entitled, “Dear Robin Lopez.”

You still look like Kelly Leak from Bad News Bears, Steve Nash. I don’t care if you try and style your hair differently. It’s the bone structure, man. The bone structure. I rest my case.

steve nash kelly leak bad news bears
Steve Nash: I can play soccer, too