Seeking Validation, Grasping for a Sense of Accomplishment

6 thoughts on “Seeking Validation, Grasping for a Sense of Accomplishment”

    1. Thanks. I hope you will check out some of my stories. I will probably do a mix of both free and super cheap, like 0.99 cents. I don’t think 0.99 cents is asking too much for a short story. You can’t even get a 20 oz. for that price.

      I love my Kindle, too, particularly since I can blow up the font size as my eyes get tired. It makes reading easier. I love paperbacks still and have a library card as well, but I’m a fan of e-ink. Totally not what I expected which killed my previous skepticism of e-readers. Not to mention, you can download some of the great classics for free. I’m reading an HG Wells collection now.

      1. Definitely. For a short story, I think 99 cents is reasonable.

        Ah, HG Wells. The science fiction master. Which collection?

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