Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville and I’m There, Oh Yeah

2 thoughts on “Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville and I’m There, Oh Yeah”

  1. Aren’t we so glad your daddy, Wayne Pillow introduced us to Bruce Springsteen’s music! Great article Jeff…I really enjoyed reading it. Remember we were at the first concert following the sax player’s death. You could feel the sadness that night. If you have ever gone to one of his concerts you know you get your money’s worth! He plays and sings overtime!

    1. Didn’t realize it was Daddy. Makes up for the Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ha. As for the last Bruce concert, Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist, was still very much alive then. He just died last year. It was the keyboardist, Danny Federici, that had passed away you’re thinking of. They dedicated the tour to him.

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