THE WAR IS OVER; or, I Punched Writer’s Block in the Face and This Is What You Can Expect to Read On My Blog Now

Topics include: An update on the direction of this blog and what you can expect to find if you read it; More vignettes, more short reads; More long reads; Overcoming Anxiety; When the Lights Go Out at 10:16, a Memoir (formerly “The Court: Jeremiah’s Story”); Profiles of interesting people with interesting stories; More experimentation; Poetry; Drawing and Artwork; My thoughts on writing as a craft; Random musings on life and other topics; Greater frequency of posts; In Summation

This Is Water

The late David Foster Wallace had a way of making you see the minute details of life as if you were wearing the eyes of an entirely different human being. In “This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life,” Wallace delves into empathy, adjustment, and consciousness as it relates to the mundane ordinariness of everyday life—and how these tiny moments guide who we are and/or will become.

The Lady Next Door: An Update

I made some updates to my short story “The Lady Next Door” which is available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon. The cost is 99 cents. “The Lady Next Door,” for those who haven’t yet read it, was written in 2003, and is about a child’s love for his elderly neighbor.

Birds of One Feather

Hardened bread crumbs burst into fine white powder, sprinkling to the ground. Seeds crack under the weight of jaws clinching, and in an imperfect circle the birds gather round the old man and strut mechanically, their fat necks jerking. They welcome him as if he is one of their own, and he in turn accepts their embrace

A Pocket Knife From My Grandfather

One afternoon the two of us found ourselves walking down an orange dirt path behind the house. The dirt was hard, baked under the gilded heat of the mid-day sun, and it crumbled under our feet like carrot cake falling off the edge of a fork.

So You’re a Minimalist. What Does That Even Mean?

Minimalism is about intentionality. It’s about questioning all of the stuff in your life — the physical, mental, and emotional — and asking how would my life look differently if I removed that which is unnecessary, that which bogs me down mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially, so that I can pursue the hobbies, experiences, and relationships that bring joy and add value to my life.