Henry, stop biting the trash can

My son is teething and puts everything in his mouth. If you’re not careful you’ll lose a finger. Just ask my friend Andy.

A Child’s Imagination

Being a parent means rediscovering your inner child, and a child’s imagination is something to envy. Their curiosity is magical. Their cynicism is non-existent.

The Lady Next Door, Now on Kindle

The Lady Next Door: A Short Story by Jeffrey Pillow is now available for download on Amazon’s Kindle e-reader for just 99 cents.

Seeking Validation, Grasping for a Sense of Accomplishment

There is something about being a writer, or wanting to be a writer, that also brings with it a certain amount of self-doubt in one’s capabilities. It’s not good enough. Nothing, perhaps, brings more self-doubt than not feeling accomplished.

Setting the Setting

A reader of fiction wants to be inside the point-of-view (POV) character, seeing the world through his or her eyes. To see that world, first you have to create it.