About the “This Is Me Being Uncomfortable” Podcast

Well that’s an awkward heading.

“This Is Me Being Uncomfortable” is a podcast that’s not really a podcast in which I talk unscripted into my iPhone and then upload the audio to my website on the Internet to torture unsuspecting listeners who don’t know any better. “This Is Me Being Uncomfortable” is a way for me to get my thoughts out of my head, and not always in written form.

I’m fully aware that I don’t have the prettiest voice. You try being 6’4” tall from southern Virginia. Perhaps I should add some soft music in the background, eh?

If you’d like me to talk about a certain topic (writing, anxiety, meditation, life, death, why I highly recommend everyone sit on their front porch and drink beer and watch birds, or some other topic), contact me.

This Is Me Being Uncomfortable

Archive of past episodes

EPISODE 1: This is me being uncomfortable. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone. This is me talking about meditation

EPISODE 2: Memoir and memories; projects I have in queue; and ego and why writing is not a selfish act but a giving act

EPISODE 3: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD); my son wanting to spend the day with me; our society’s (lack of) priorities

EPISODE 4: Writing, creativity, and the influence of life (and death) experience on how you see the world

EPISODE 5: Launching a podcast by accident; why I decided to return to writing When the Lights Go Out at 10:16; and how human beings are connected by story to one another, globally

EPISODE 6: In which I talk about depression, suicide, why I stopped buying alcohol and bringing it into my home, pick-up basketball, obsessive running, teaching my daughter how to play guitar, meditation, and music therapy