The Adventures of Fatherman Featured

Sketch off!

My son and I had a sketch off. Over a 10 minute span, we sat across from one another in dueling recliners. With pencils and sketchbooks in hand, we drew each other’s ugly mugs. Correction: my son drew my ugly mug while I drew his unwrinkled face not yet worn down by life’s trials and tribulations.

After 10 minutes, I counted down 3-2-1 and we had our big reveal.

My Jedi senses predict a future for my young padawan as a caricature artist at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C. There you will find him in T-minus 12 years set up to the left of the concession stand as you load up on popcorn and oversized soft drinks.

After he revealed his portrait of me, I walked over to the mirror in our entryway, gave myself a good hard look and said, “Yeah, nailed it.”