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It’s Friday, It’s My Birthday, Time to Listen to the Delta Force Theme Song

Not only is it my birthday, it’s also Friday. And when it’s Friday, I enjoy listening to the theme song from the classic 1980’s action film The Delta Force, starring Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin, as performed by Alan Silvestri.

chuck norris meme
Well then, how about some motherfucking cupcakes; or, at least an apostrophe for my incorrectly formatted contraction above?

Nothing pumps me up while driving home from work quite like the score from this film — other than, perhaps, the song “Like Mike” from the Michael Jordan Gatorade commercial — when the Chuckster, known in the film as Major McCoy, is kicking Lebanese terrorist ass and avenging the death of Pete Peterson.

You know the shit is on when this song starts to play:

I also like to motivate my wife when she is cooking dinner by playing this song. And when she is quietly reading. Or when we finally get our daughter to go to sleep for the night. Or when I accomplish a large, deadline-driven project at work. Or when I am cutting the grass.


Note to self: In last will and testament, have this song play in church as guests arrive at my funeral; or, at least at family night, have Delta Force theme song be voice-activated somehow; that way, if someone bends down and begins to say a few kind words at my casket, their voice will trigger the song to auto-play. Fantastic.


My Name is Zoom and I Live on the Moon

Okay, so the truth is, the song that gets me most pumped on my birthday is “My Name is Zoom.” My parents bought this cassette for me in 1983, when I turned 2-years-old. And yes, the tape still plays. Talk about getting your money’s worth. My mom called me at 7 AM this morning and played it for me. Don’t judge. It’s a family tradition.

Sadly, I cannot find an audio version of the song with my name online — otherwise I’d embed it here — but I will embed, instead, the song with someone else’s name, my sister’s: Jennifer. Why? Because it’s just that awesome:

Watch Delta Force in full:


By Jeffrey Pillow

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