Weekly Update 9/15/20

Okay, I fibbed. I said it would be two weeks before I sent another update. But two weeks, I feel, is a little too infrequent for what I’m currently doing on my blog, which is best summed up as: one ongoing long blog post for the month of September. It’s been a fun experiment. Going forward, I will send one update per week (on Tuesday).

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Pick up where you left off

I’ve made it easy for readers to pick up where they left off by adding anchor links at the top. This will allow you to jump to the most recent entry based on what you last read and not have to scroll, scroll, scroll to the bottom to get there.

Topics I’ve written about so far

I’ve been a little surprised by the writing. It’s been enjoyable, and I think it comes off as light, fast reading. My initial assumption was that I’d weave in current events more so than I am, which, right now has been none, other than to say, stop tuning in to the daily hysteria because it’s probably not good for your mental health.

I’m not going to highlight the contents of every post. Best to start at the beginning, though not required. So far I’ve talked about bugs, birds, where I was on 9/11, deer attacks, squirrels murdering one another, depression, and buying a candy bar during a pandemic et al.

Anyway, again, here is the link to start reading.

If you enjoy what you read, share the link. That’s how this blog’s readership grows. I’ve got goals, son. Goals.

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