Something Doesn’t Feel Right

7 thoughts on “Something Doesn’t Feel Right”

  1. I agree…people should mind their own business. I would never state an opinion about anything to that person or any other person about anything…so uncaring of that person. She never visited me or your dad in the hospital! I am so sorry you were treated that way so publicly on a “Carepage” of all places!

  2. I’ll never forget daddy’s comment on 12/25/2008. “I feel like I have bone cancer”. I remember mama said “Wayne, don’t say that”. I just stood in the kitchen puzzled and confused why he said that. Strangely enough he had cancer, just not bone.

  3. February and August are my worst months. February was when my mom was diagnosed both times and August is when she died. I understand how the emotions hit you in the gut when you think you’re finally having a good day. I admire your ability to write about it. I’m sure it’s therapeutic. Be strong. You’re not alone.

    1. (I apologize for overlooking your comment and for my delay in replying as result.)

      I can certainly understand where you are coming from. It’s this sort of light blanket you wear during those moments that serve as a reminder.

  4. You have this way of ending a post just when I’m eager to know the final outcome. I guess that’s life. But I look forward to a part 2 if there is one.

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