Overcoming Anxiety: An Introduction

4 thoughts on “Overcoming Anxiety: An Introduction”

  1. I admire your transparency Jeff. It’s sets such a good example for the rest of us. Looking forward to reading more posts.
    P.S. I use Pomodoro too. It has helped me so much!

    1. Thanks Becky. I’m a bit of a newbie to understanding how to manage anxiety, but what I have done over the past 7-8 months has definitely been working. While the more debilitating aspects of my anxiety are high level stresses, the Pomodoro Technique has immensely helped in my low level anxiety that is often work related. I actually use it when reading and writing now too. It really helps me stay on track and knock out work without burning myself out.

  2. I have an adult child with a almost debilitating anxiety – keeps her often isolated. I rarely feel true anxiety- thankfully. I do avoid situations that may cause it!

    Thank you for you courage to share and help others.

    1. It gets better by managing it, and what I would suggest is first have your daughter set-up an appointment with a counselor. I also highly recommend meditation. There is a really good app out there called Stop, Breathe & Think. It’s guided meditation. I use it. Meditation has been a life changer. It is sort of like building your mind as if a muscle to learn to focus and to manage the brain loop. Meditating first thing in the morning before getting out of bed and before going to sleep makes a world of difference. The science backs it up too, so it’s not a load of hocus pocus. Lastly, a running regimen. Doesn’t have to be too intense particularly for newbies but while it doesn’t tame the wild horse like meditation, it does exhaust the wild horse — and sometimes that’s a good start. It’s hard to be mentally unsettled when you’re out there running a decent distance.

      I’ll be bringing up what I mentioned above in more detail in future posts, but those are good starting points. I was a nervous wreck 7-8 months ago, and for all of my life really, even if no one could tell. Not anymore.

      Oh, one more: Morning Pages. Long hand. Pen. Paper. First thing in the morning. Three pages. Granted two pages will do. Doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a writer or not. It’s not supposed to be literary. It’s spilling what’s in your head before your Self (titlecase) wakes up. You’ll know when he wakes up too… because he’ll say something negative. That’s when you stop your morning pages and eat breakfast.

      Best wishes. Nice hearing from you.

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