How to Administer Ear Drops to a Small (Very Strong) Child

5 thoughts on “How to Administer Ear Drops to a Small (Very Strong) Child”

  1. A pleasure of a read as always. I am a big fan of antibiotic eye drop administration in small children. LOL! Nothing I hated more. My son when he was younger had a time with pink eye. My wife always made me hold him down and try to pry open his eye. Don’t miss those days. Nothing you can do to explain to them that it will just take a second.

  2. Great story as always. I have put both drops in the ears and eyes. Eyes are the hardest. You just can’t pry someones eyes open if they hold them shut. Just chalk it up to the joy of parenting!

  3. My son is a calm sweet boy…unless ear drops are involved. Then he screams, yes my kind, gentle son screams bloody murder and can work himself into a frenzy if someone just mentions ear drops. He’s actually crying right now…

    1. I understand. Oh, I understand. My daughter used to turn into Linda Blair from the exorcist whenever the ear drop bottle came down from the shelf. Thankfully, (knock on wood) she never needs drops any more.

      Best of luck with your son. The trick is just to hope you get a little bit in the ear canal. That’s the most a parent can hope for. They really need to make ear drops into some sort of tasty chewable vitamin.

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