What Brings Value to My Life?

6 thoughts on “What Brings Value to My Life?”

  1. Oh my goodness Jeff! You never fail to amaze me with your heart poured out in ink on paper. I love this and yes what a legacy for your children to have “for keeps” one day…Their dad’s very words!

    1. I think so. I still look back at that email Daddy sent me, and good day or bad, it inspires me. Physically putting words down lives on long after someone has passed, and it really is a glimpse into their personality.

  2. Jeff, this was wonderful as usual. Your inner thoughts are priceless and I wish more of us could do this. I’m sure it is just a matter of taking time to do it like you said carving out the time. You have a talent, don’t lose it, keep sharing it with the world. All of your stories leave a lasting impression.

    1. Thanks for reading Marilyn. I try. I cherish the few words on paper (and email) my dad left behind. I just stare at his handwriting sometimes to be honest. I always loved his handwriting. I hope whatever I put down my kids will one day look back on fondly.

      You should start a journal by the way. Even if you only write for five minutes a day two or three times a week, it’s amazing what you’ll discover when you look back on it a year or two down the road. I got Mama a journal for Mother’s Day one year. She tore through it. It helped her remember all sorts of things from childhood and early parenting she had forgotten. I can’t remember the name of the book now, but she may know. If you see her, ask.

  3. Love this latest writing. I love reading my Bible..As a younger person I read it but as a wiser person the same words I have read so many times have a become so exciting to me as I better understand it. I can read the passage and talk to my coworker with so much enthusiasm because each season of my life brings more meaning as if a “light bulb” moment just flashed on!

    I love love my family and being a grandmother. It brings me so much joy. Once again, a new season of my life. Raising my own children (Jeffrey Pillow & his sister, Jennifer) were joyous but busy times and now I enjoy these little ones because I am not in it but surrounded by it…it is just different. ..and no not because they can come and go. Being a Ghee is the best thing but I so wished my husband could be here to relish in being a grandparent with me…The little gifts he left behind for me to enjoy…All of our children!

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