May 21 Is My Dog’s Birthday, Not the Day My Dad Died

8 thoughts on “May 21 Is My Dog’s Birthday, Not the Day My Dad Died”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jeff! Anyone who has lost a parent, at any age, will relate to everything you wrote- you have quite a gift when it comes to putting pen to paper or “keys to screen.” Celebrate the day- each and every one!

  2. Celebrating Motzi ‘ s birthday today is a sweet way to think about May 21st! I love it that your daddy wrote you such words of encouragement to hang on to..He never realized when he wrote it, that it would become a lasting memory of him…take Motzi for a walk and if a drop of rain falls upon your face today my sweet son, enjoy it as your daddy would have!

  3. Thanks, Jeff, for a beautifully written reminder of Wayne and the importance of living each moment as happily as possible. I personally know the feeling of wishing that three of my children’s grandparents had been on earth to see our children born and grow up. I often felt my parents’ presence, though, and now that I’m a grandmother, I still feel that my mother and father are with me, like you, sometimes in the room with me, sometimes with my granddaughter, smiling approvingly.

  4. A beautiful tribute Jeff. Well done! I know your Dad is smiling down at what a wonderful son, father and man you have become.

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