A brief history of Anti-Lou

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  1. Jeff, you forgot one special performance. Anti-Lou performed at your Prom in 1998…it was at the afterprom party at the CMS gym!

  2. Well of COURSE it would be something you write about him that would make me tear up for the first real time since hearing the news. I almost lost it Saturday night when I called Brandon and told him. Actually SAYING it…”Scott died today”…it almost broke me. And now your post has nearly done it again.

    For what it’s worth, seeing the disbandment (pun intended) of Anti-Lou from the other side, Scott never thought ill of you. Sure, emotions were heated that night but, Scott being Scott, it was blown over by the next day.

    I would like to say that I’m weirded out for being your representation to Song 2. Also, the only thing I remember about the Mule Barn show was dropping my guitar, snapping the A peg and being out of tune all damn night.

    Great post, man.

    1. Thanks for reading Barry and for the phone call. I enjoyed talking to you.

      As for “Song 2,” you, Scott, and Rachel are the whole representation. Ha. I don’t want to hurt your street cred. When I think of you, musically, the first thing that pops into my head is NIN. Is that better? And “Song 2.”


  3. Jeff, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. You’re so right about how we’ve all been thinking about those days again since Saturday, and your writing paints a perfect picture of what they were like. Reading it, I remembered a bunch of things I had forgotten. I don’t remember Scott being scrappy like that and picturing him in a bloody fight is hard. That was surprising! I do remember being called “sugar” and “darlin'” though, and you’re right about it being endearing and sweet. God I miss those days and I miss him, and I wish we’d had at least a little more time. Thank you for writing and sharing this, Jeff!

    P.S. I did NOT know you envied my stumpy thumb, but it made me smile to read that part!

    1. That’s your new nickname: The Thumb.

      I’m sending your family a Christmas card this year that is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. The Thumb.

      Thanks for reading. It’s a little hastily put together but I just wanted to get some words on the page. I had so much stuff just floating around in my head. It’s still so unreal. I hadn’t seen Scott in a while but just the thought that he is no longer here, it just seems so I don’t know. It’s hard to wrap my head around. My thoughts immediately go to Liz and his family.

      Also, I read your post on Facebook. Very well said.

      1. Aw thanks. Im looking forward to that Christmas card and will answer to my new nickname proudly, though im not sure how happy Dave will be with being called Mr. The Thumb. 🙂

        I’m having a hard time accepting it too. I just thought we’d have forever and could all get together again whenever we wanted. The fact that I could’ve called him up or visited him in the last 3 years and didn’t is what’s really killing me. And then to think of Liz, Randy, Beth, Rick and Mitch just completely breaks my heart because if I’m hurting this bad I can’t imagine the pain they’re feeling. It’s just so terribly sad and tragic, the whole thing. It doesn’t make any sense. Thanks again for the fond memories though. They definitely help! See y’all tomorrow.

    1. As clear as yesterday — except for the parts in which we were alcohol induced. A bit foggy there 🙂

      Scott was a great person. I don’t know of a soul who can say otherwise.

      Thanks for reading. I hope you are doing well.

  4. Beautifully written Jeff! Such a moving tribute to Scott! His passing still hasnt sunk in but as I read this, the tears flowed and I found myself smiling too as I remembered Scott!

    1. Thanks for reading Meg. Scott was a great guy. I don’t think anyone can say otherwise. It is very sad he is no longer here with us. It may have been Rick who said it at the funeral, I can’t remember who said it now, but in Scott’s 32 years, he brought such joy and memories to his family and friends. Imagine if he had been here longer. We would have been spoiled to the fullest.

      (Sorry for my delayed response. I didn’t realize you had commented until today)

    1. Thanks for reading Brittany. Good to hear from you. Lots of good times down at the cabin and with the band in general. I sort of had to stop myself from writing. So much fun in so few years. It’s a shame Scott had to leave this world so soon. I was terrible about keeping in touch, always thinking we’d all catch up again. Then, well, that’s not how the story unfolded. He truly was a wonderful human being.

  5. I was only ever a Charlotte County resident by proxy (thx, Rachel), but I know so many of the names and faces in this story. Losing a friend is awful; losing a brother is a heartbreaking thing that you can never fully recover from. Your words tell more than you might think, and I’m thankful to have read them. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  6. I dont know you and I didn’t know Scott but I feel like I know both of you now. As crazy as being a teenager can be it sure can be a whole lot of fun at the same time. Im sorry he left the world so soon

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