A Child’s Imagination

3 thoughts on “A Child’s Imagination”

  1. Jeff this reminds me so much of when my kids were little. Corey used to “write” books on constructuon paper including the “pictures” and then I would staple it together so it opened like a book. Megan and her daddy had a monster story game they played almost every night when she went to bed. They both loved to be read to and we lovd doing it. Very special memories…

    1. I’m glad it brought back some happy memories for you.

      re Corey’s construction paper books: That reminds me of something. If you ever see my mom, you’ll have to ask her. Jennifer and I have this book called “Madballs” from when we were kids. She wrote it and I illustrated. It appears one of the two of us glued the papers together for the spine of the book, and not Mama, because the book opens left to right and not right to left. Mama still has it in the closet on the top shelf somewhere.

      re Mike and Megan’s monster game: That’s one way to keep monsters out from under the bed. I can see Mike now.

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