The Wind at My Back

3 thoughts on “The Wind at My Back”

  1. Jealous of your very scenic route…..tuning is the best stress reliever ever….why I do it and a lot of it! I’m doing the richmond marathon in, november… should do the 8k that day!

    1. We live in a wonderful place for running in Charlottesville — when it comes to residential areas. After two years of being here, I am finally taking advantage of it. You’ll have to bring your shoes next time.

      As for the 8k, perhaps. Right now it’s nice to be running just to be doing it. I think I stress myself out a little when I have something to prepare for. With that said, I do want to run a race in Charlottesville at some point but no time soon. I’m thinking autumn. Here’s a link to the C’ville race calendar. There’s something going on usually every weekend, if not more:

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